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Local specialties elevated on 3 Spoons Restaurant’s new menu

7 November 2019

Chef Doan Trong Dat taps into the memories of his early career travelling across the country, and proudly presents an inspiring selection of Vietnamese specialties original recipes, elevating such local ingredients, from familiar to exotic across his extensive menu.

a chef preparing food at a restaurant in Hanoi

Fans of the grill rejoice as the new menu features the Char-grilled Sapa Trout Salmon – a mountain specialty with extraordinary flavours, texture and abundant health benefits, together with a dish that is going to be a definite guests’ favourite – the Crispy 7 Spices Roast Duck, Cao Bang Style.

crispy roast duck in Hanoi hotel

Crispy 7 Spices Roast Duck, Cao Bang Style

From North Eastern Vietnam, Cao Bang is a mountainous province with dynamic ethnicities and a vibrant culinary scene, among the most famous being its native duck, fed with nutritious grains for the brightest-coloured feather and perfect balance between lean meat and fatty skin. For this unique ingredient, Chef Dat hand-picks and infuses each duck with 7 different spices, using his favourite trick of stir-frying the spices first and marinating the duck from inside, so that the meat thoroughly absorbs every flavour throughout the cooking process. Before grilling, each duck is also blanched through hot water for the crispiest skin, and as a final touch, douched in a generous amount of honey.

Paying homage to his favourite coastal cities in Central and Southern Vietnam, Chef Dat also features  such specialties as  Nha Trang Lobster, Nha Trang Scallop, South Central Tiger Prawn, Quang Ngai Octopus and Phu Quoc Squid in his seafood grill, giving an interesting combination alongside famous imports like Canadian Lobster and French Oysters.

 Vietnamese seafood grill in Hanoi hotel restaurant

Vietnamese Seafood Grill Combination

Not only did he highlight the local specialties from different regions in Vietnam, Chef Dat also prepares premium ingredients with traditional Vietnamese cooking methods, which will definitely surprise anyone’s taste buds. Here in the new menu, the Canadian Lobster is fried with salted egg, with the saltiness perfectly complementing the sweetness of the lobster’s meat. The dish is also served with Vietnamese rice crackers, a childhood favourite of many generations.

fried Canadian lobster with salted egg in Hanoi hotel restaurant

Fried Canadian Lobster with Salted Egg

Aside from highlighting quintessential local specialties, the new menu at 3 Spoons continues to feature delicacies from China, Japan and Italy as it is known and well-loved for. From the Chinese open kitchen, a Xiao Long Bao addition will be a great excitement to fans of dimsum and this soup dumpling dish. An upgraded range of sashimi and nigari is available to the Japanese menu, like the new Gyuniku American Teriyaki – a Black Angus “steak”, Japanese style, with roasted garlic Teriyaki sauce full of “umami” flavours.

Not to be missed from the Italian kitchen is the new risotto with pan-seared foie gras and crispy Parma ham, and creative Pizza recipes that will make you come back time and time again.

Chinese and Japanese cuisine from a Hanoi hotel restaurant

Grilled American Black Angus Tenderloin with Grilled Asparagus and Roasted Garlic Teriyaki Sauce

A spacious restaurant overlooking the entire skyline of Hanoi, 3 Spoons makes an ideal venue for a cozy gathering with friends, family and colleagues. Book your table now to enjoy dynamic cuisines, thoughtful services and an unforgettable dining experience from the top of Hanoi, at InterContinental Hanoi Landmark72.

3 Spoons Restaurant

62 Floor, InterContinental Hanoi Landmark72, 

Keangnam Landmark Tower, Pham Hung street, Hanoi

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