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Responsible Business at IHG and InterContinental Hanoi Landmark72


Caring for the environment and the communities where we work and doing the right things in the right way goes hand-in-hand with creating "Great Hotels Guests Love". It’s all part of being a Responsible Business. It’s about making a positive impact on the world around us while building our business. We’re talking better communities, a better environment and better lives. So when you pick an IHG hotel you’re choosing a brand that cares about the same things you do.

IHG® Foundation

Launched in 2016, the IHG® Foundation helps set the foundations for stronger, healthier, more prosperous communities around the world. We focus on helping communities develop hospitality skills, supporting those impacted by disasters, encouraging grassroots community groups, and protecting the environment. Through supporting community projects across the globe, we are doing our part to make local communities better places to be for all.

Helping our hotels become greener

Our online sustainability management tool the IHG Green Engage™ system, shows our hotels how they can minimise their impact on the local environment from using less energy and conserving water to reducing waste. It’s our way of ensuring that our surroundings are preserved for everyone to enjoy.

IHG® Academy

The IHG Academy is a collaboration where we link up with education providers and community groups around the world by providing local people with the opportunity to develop skills and improve their employment prospects in one of the world's largest leading hotel companies. It’s our way of opening our doors and creating opportunities for all.

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At InterContinental Hanoi Landmark72, Corporate Social Responsibility also lies at the heart of what we do, with business interest always going in line with giving back to the nature and the community. 

InterContinental Hanoi Landmark72 has always been environmentally and ecologically minded, with meaningful contributions to sustainable usage and energy conservation across different departments of the hotel. Discover inspiring stories from 3 large operations: Housekeeping, Engineering and Food & Beverage.

From Housekeeping, our champions who not only do their best to prepare all rooms and suites in the most impeccable condition, but also think about energy saving and the environment throughout the process. Not only do we encourage our guests to be eco-minded and reuse linen and towels, our room attendants are well-equipped with tips to save energy, from taking advantage of abundant natural light from the 63rd floor and above when making up the rooms, to thoroughly checking and reporting water leaks as soon as they find any. Such simple actions are done on a daily basis and contribute to not only saving expenses for the hotel, but also for the community and environment at large.

The Housekeeping team at InterContinental Hanoi Landmark72 also takes part in the special Soap for Hope program where soap bars from the guest rooms are recyled into new ones to distribute to disadvantaged children in rural areas in Northern Vietnam, promoting personal hygiene and improving their living condition in general.

Being in charge of the machinery and maintenance of a large part within the tallest building in Hanoi is no easy feat, however our Engineering heroes manage to pull it off while constantly coming up with ways to be energy-efficient and mindful to the environment. One prime example is the use of LED lights across the entire hotel, which consume up to 90% less power than incandescent bulbs, resulting in a dramatic decrease in power costs, and the impact on the environment. We also have smart sensors and thermostats in the room for the air-conditioning system, to best manage energy consumed as per real-time temperature and occupancy.

At InterContinental Hanoi Landmark72, we take pride in having some of the most up-and-coming restaurants and bars in town, and equally some of the most creative and environmentally friendly ones to boot. All of the dining venues at the hotel have now changed to paper straws instead of offering plastic alternatives. Going above that common practice that has inspired restaurants and bars in many other sides of the world, Head of F&B, Executive Chef Nicolas Plateau and his culinary team also make a constant effort to purchase from sustainable, organic sources and local providers. Such mentality is best reflected through the diverse and progressively "green" menu selections at 3 Spoons Restaurant.

The hotel also incorporates the people in need in the local community into its special business, promotion and celebration. For the first year anniversary in September 2018, InterContinental Hanoi Landmark72 took pride in its partnership with Operation Smile, a world-renowned NPO in children's cleft lip repairs, to deliver an outstanding gala dinner where guests and supporters could buy tickets as donations to the children in need, as the hotel donated all its revenue and proceeds from the event to them. The anniversary celebration was massively successful with the support and turnout of more than 150 guests, raising a fund enough to fund the cost of almost 40 cleft lip operations.

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