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The ultimate guide to organizing a successful event

The Ultimate Guide to Organizing a Successful Event

No matter the size of the event, planning and organizing a successful one can be a length process, with many tasks and parties involved. While undoubtedly every event or meeting planner aims to do their very best to make the company's occurrence successful, what exactly does it take, to get to that point? And most importantly, how to be as effective and efficient as possible? The dedicated InterContinental Meetings team at InterContinental Hanoi Landmark72 will take you step by step in developing and curating a successful event.

1. Uncover the "Why"
Though seemingly obvious, it is extremely important that you sit down with your managers and your team to clearly determine the key purpose and end goal of the event/meeting. This will act as the key guidance for all planning steps that follow, as well as the date, itinerary, budget, amount of guests, the setup and even the choice of venue.

2. Create your wishlist and determine your budget
Once the goal of the event/meeting has been finalized, its target audience and consequently the size of the event need to be determined. How will the event/meeting look like? Where do you imagine it being held? Who will be the speakers: internal parties or external invited guests as well? Will there be food, like a coffee break or a full corporate lunch? Any fun activities in the planning? All these details of the "event persona" will help the planner to have a much clearer impression of how the budget will look like, and how it can be managed.

3. Select a trusted venue vendor
With the now determined budget, the fun part shall begin, as you narrow down options of a suitable vendor that will be the venue to your future successful event. This will be the trusted partner that helps to bring your event to life, realizing all the setup, equipment, agenda and activities in planning. At InterContinental Hanoi Landmark72, our clients take great comfort in enabling our dedicated InterContinental Meetings team to take care of all the details seamlessly, while keeping in mind the specific preferences and customization of each event.
Explore more from our InterContinental Meetings services here ( or contact our InterContinental Meetings team directly via +84 24 3698 8888.

When organizing your event/meeting with us, Meeting Planners not only have the stress from the tedious event planning process taken away, but also are rewarded with IHG Rewards Club points for their patronage and support, as part of the IHG Business Rewards programs. Discover how to earn more points here ( or contact our InterContinental Meetings team directly via +84 24 3698 8888.


4. Arrange accommodation, if any
For many meetings and events, accommodation for special guests or all the delegates themselves may be an entitlement, and a convenient location as well as full services' capability are important requirements.
When working with InterContinental Hanoi Landmark72, you need not worry as the hotel is located within a convenient travel from Noi Bai International Airport, only moments away the National Convention Centre, and does not take more than 30 minutes by car to the city centre. We also offer you a choice among a collection of 359 elegantly appointed and modernly equipped rooms and suites, all with sweeping views of the Hanoi skyline from Floor 62 and above. Lastly, allow our InterContinental Meetings team to help you craft your own ideal full package, including meetings, accommodation and dining, for all your delegates.
Explore more from our InterContinental Meetings services here ( or contact our InterContinental Meetings team directly via +84 24 3698 8888.


5. Confirm speakers that inspire and deliver great impact
Selecting the right speakers to address delegates at your event/meeting is a crucial decision. As part of the Insider Collection, a wealth of knowledge from InterContinental Meetings to all meeting planners at each hotel, our dedicated meetings team can effectively assist in connecting the planner with inspirational speakers from the local community, from celebrities and national sporting heroes to renowned cultural experts – someone who will strike a chord with your delegates and enrich their experience with unique knowledge and strictly local insights.
Explore more from our InterContinental Meetings services here ( or contact our InterContinental Meetings team directly via +84 24 3698 8888.

6. Finalize the agenda
The last, and probably most tedious step is to finalise the agenda, down to the details by the minute. With effortless collaboration, creative touches, and a seamless control of the operations, our InterContinental Meetings team will help meeting planners to execute an experience that is focused on the purpose of the event/meeting, and that is invigorating and comfortable for all delegates in the attendance. With our wealth of local knowledge, the InterContinental Meetings can also enrich the experience with recommendations to take the meeting outside of the venue, but to inspiring destinations around Hanoi, or to make a difference with activities contributing to the local community, as part of the Insider Collection.
Explore more from our InterContinental Meetings services here ( or contact our InterContinental Meetings team directly via +84 24 3698 8888.


7. Evaluate the event
CONGRATULATIONS on a job well done! After the event, it is crucial to reflect on the entire planning process as well as the execution, so that you can make improvement for all happenings that follow.
After every meeting/event at InterContinental Hanoi Landmark72, our dedicated InterContinental Meetings team will organize debriefing sessions where we can hear more from your feedback for even more successful collaborations in the future, as well as sending the Meetings Satisfaction Survey so that meeting planners can reflect back and let us know in their own time. This strengthens the mutual understanding between both parties and further guarantees that every meeting/event after will be nothing short of a winning story.



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