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On an alluring steak trail in Hanoi

Perfectly echoing the meaning of its name – a rising star – Stellar Steakhouse has established itself as the city's most innovative steakhouse and must-visit restaurant.

Perfectly echoing the meaning of its name – a rising star – Stellar Steakhouse has established itself as the city's most innovative steakhouse and must-visit restaurant for those in search of an awe-inspiring view, and Hanoi’s finest steak. Whether it’s from the Atlantic Ocean, carefully selected farms in Australia, or organic produces handpicked from local suppliers, Chef Denvers Rattan ensures only the best reaches the table.

Here at Stellar Steakhouse, diners can experience the restaurant’s new butchery approach, as well as the latest addition of exclusive meat fridges, including the finest premium cuts, from Sher Wagyu Tenderloin MBS 8/9 from Australia to Hadara and Kamichiku Kobe A4 from Japan, with perfect marbling, melt-in-your-mouth texture and unmistakably rich flavors, promising to soon become a definite guests’ favorite at Stellar Steakhouse.

Đầu bếp nhà hàng của khách sạn tại Hà Nội đang cắt thịt bò

The Josper Oven will expertly prepare the meat, cooking at a high temperature to obtain the signature charcoal flavor, charred crust with a tender center. At Stellar Steakhouse, unforgettable memories with original experiences are the top priority.

 món bò wagyu và phô mai hảo hạng của một khách sạn ở Hà Nội

Chef Denvers will introduce his latest creation, the Gold Tomahawk Box, featuring an impressive Sher Wagyu Tomahawk at 1.7kg. Not only will the meat satisfy any steak connoisseurs with Grade 4/5 marbling, the luxurious layer of gold placed on top of the juicy beef will surprise diners with the ‘wow’ factor. Imagine opening a beautiful box to find your gold-crusted beef, grilled to perfection – an indulgence befitting for an experience within Asia’s Best Luxury Steakhouse (*).

For guests wishing to opt for an even more generous portion to enjoy with their company, expect an upgraded rendition of the Meat Lover’s Board, an alluring steak-experience with delicious “Kamichiku” Striploin Kobe Grade A4 MBS 7 from Japan, or choose from our Degustation Menus with not just more meat, but also Chef Denvers’ signature starters, as well as a selection of premium cheese by Rodolphe Le Meunier – the famous French cheese monger.

 Bít tết ngon của nhà hàng tại Hà Nội

Featuring a wide collection of over 400 wine labels from all over the world and 60 well-known whiskeys, Ms. Trang Nguyen, the Hotel Sommelier, will always be on hand to recommend the perfect pairing to your dining choices for an unforgettable dinner at Stellar Steakhouse. Choose from Prélude De Fombrauge By Château Fombrauge, Coravin Selection with its rich and powerful aromas of undergrowth and ripe fruit, more jam-like in older vintages or Errazuriz Kai 2016 – the Iconic wine from Errauriz winery, with delicate flavors of blueberries, raspberries and forest fruits to perfectly pair with your wine.

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Stellar Steakhouse là nơi dành cho rượu vang và thảo luận kinh doanh

About Chef Denvers Rattan 

Much of Chef Denvers influence comes from his days living within his family, all with the hospitality spirit running in their blood. French-born and trained, Denvers' culinary journey has taken him across the globe, famously to the 2-Michelin Star Sea Grill Restaurant and alongside Joël Robuchon - the most starred chef in the world. Coupled with the years working in Japan, his cuisine style gravitates naturally towards French technique with Asian spices and flavours. For any new dish that he creates, he focuses on locally sourced ingredients known for their freshness and purity.

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