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Authentic Japanese culinary theatre at Stellar Teppanyaki

Think of Teppanyaki like a theatrical performance, with cooking food being the main and only act. Teppanyaki is derived from the word ‘teppan’, meaning iron girdle, and ‘yaki’, meaning ‘to grill’, thus creating an entire cuisine based on this principle. For local diners who are looking for a new luxury dining experience, head down to Stellar Teppanyaki for a satisfactory show for both your eyes and your taste buds.

japanese teppanyaki restaurant luxury fine dining private

 Authentic Teppanyaki experience in a fine-dining setting

Located on the 62M floor of InterContinental Hanoi Landmark72, Stellar Teppanyaki is an excluded section inside  Stellar Steakhouse – Hanoi’s most premium meat-lover’s club. Here offers the first-rate beef and seafood - from Japanese U10 Sea Scallop, to Wagyu Grade 9 + from Australia and the ultimate Kobe, Grade A4 from Japan. The room is set out so that bespoke guests can sit around a large iron girdle and watch the talented Chef de Cuisine Arif Rachman prepare your food with elegant execution and impeccable presentation. In such a short time, Stellar Teppanyaki has successfully built a reputation as one of the best teppanyaki restaurants in town, serving perfectly grilled meats and seafood and flawlessly fresh sashimi and tempura. Guests at the restaurant include the local elite as well as local and international celebrities.

japanese teppanyaki chef arif rachman

Chef de Cuisine Arif Rachman in action

stellar teppanyaki japanese restaurant in hanoi

Chef de Cuisine Arif Rachman spent a decade training in the most luxury hotel restaurants in the region

Stellar Teppanyaki is helmed by Chef de Cuisine Arif Rachman who spent a decade training in the most luxury hotel restaurants in the region. Not only bringing the high standards of traditional Teppanyaki fare like grilled Kobe steak, Chef Arif also takes inspirations from other Asian ingredients, such as Kansai Beef Tataki with Malaysian Sarawak Pepper, and Crispy Hai Phong Tiger Prawn Tempura with Ponzu Sauce. Don't forget to order some Sake to complete your perfect and flavorful Japanese dinner.

japanese grill teppanyaki set menu

japanese grill teppanyaki set menu seafood abalone

Various set menus catering to all customer need, featuring premium Wagyu beef and fresh seafood

Be sure to be part of this ultimate dining experience by joining our Priority Privilege program. Card owners enjoy a 25% dining savings, not just at Stellar Teppanyaki but at all 5 restaurants and bar of InterContinental Hanoi Landmark72. 

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