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Inspired by the beauty of peonies and 9 exciting seasonal flavours
Stylish mooncake boxes that make the perfect gift for the Mid-Autumn Festival
Stylish mooncake boxes that make the perfect gift for the Mid-Autumn Festival
Stylish mooncake boxes that make the perfect gift for the Mid-Autumn Festival


This Mid-Autumn festival, may the glow of the moon surround you and light your way to health, happiness and prosperity

Peonies are the symbol of prosperity and familial harmony. Its lush beauty and intense colors in full bloom are admired by generations of Vietnamese people.

Taking inspirations of the Queen of Flowers, The Mooncake Collection from InterContinental Hanoi Landmark72 embodies good fortune, happiness and is perfect for Mid- Autumn, when the moon is at its brightest and roundest.

With 3 boxes and 9 exciting flavors - a combination of traditional and contemporary, let InterContinental Hanoi Landmark72 be your gift-giving companion this Mid-Autumn. Customised gift box branding options are also available for corporate and business associates. May your business prosper, and your home be filled with the joy on this special season.

Discover the Mooncake Brochure here.


LUXURY BOX (6 cakes and 1 wine bottle)



HOTLINE: 024 3698 8888 (Please connect to the Sales department)



EARLY BIRD SPECIALS: 15% discount for any order made before 31 July 2019

10% discount for an order from 100 boxes

15% discount for an order from 200 boxes

20% discount for an order from 300 boxes

25% discount for an order from 400 boxes

30% discount for an order from 500 boxes; AND

An exclusive 20% discount for Priority Privilege card holders (no quantity prequisition)


Mixed Paste without Egg

Experience the traditional flavour of the Vietnamese mooncakes, with the original mixed filling – the combination of 10 different ingredients in perfectly balanced portions, and a recipe enjoyed by generations

Young Rice Paste with Egg

A specialty of Hanoi, young rice is the symbol of autumn, and its fragrant, mildly sweet flavour makes an all-time popular addition to the mooncakes’ tender, buttery pastry

Lotus Paste with Egg

Another icon of autumn – lotus lends a subtle yet unique aroma that nicely complements the intense flavour of the salted egg.

Strawberry Paste without Egg

Probably the most non-traditional flavour this year, the strawberry filling’s distinct sour note blends perfectly with the buttery pastry and reduces the tone of sweetness.

Black Sesame Paste with Egg

Arguably one of the most nutritious option for mooncake fillings, sesame seeds not only bring a unique flavour, but also aid with bone strengthening, inflammation and lowering blood pressure.

Jambon Paste with Egg

The classic example of Western influences to the traditional recipe during the French colonial period - mooncakes with jambon fillings provide the perfect mix between old and new, sweet and savoury

Green Been Paste with Egg

The green bean paste holds a similar palette of flavours to young rice, but with a stronger hint of sweetness that makes a lovely pairing with Jasmine tea – also a popular choice for the season.

Green Tea Paste with Egg

A creative rendition of the green bean mooncake, the Japanese green tea filling is sweet, aromatic and leaves a distinct refreshing after taste.

Pistachio Paste with Egg

The best-selling variety of mooncake from InterContinental Hanoi Landmark72 – the pistachio filling that combines the taste and texture of pistachio with olive oil, leaving a flavour both sweet and savoury in a perfect balance. The pistachio nuts are minced and cooked into the smoothest, creamy paste, with little sugar added, making this an ideal choice.

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