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InterContinental Hanoi Landmark72 proudly welcomes guests to the annual Korean Gastronomy Week event in the capital. The 10-day long event gathers prestigious Michelin starred chef, masterchefs, bartender to celebrate premium Korean ingredients, food culture, gastronomy and inspiration. 

From 30th November to 9th December 2023, Korean Gastronomy Week will introduce guests to a series of exciting workshops conducted by well-acclaimed chefs and mixologists as well as exclusive dining experiences by 2-star Michelin chef Jun Lee from SOIGNÉ restaurant in Seoul.

For more information or booking, please call us at +84 24 3698 8888


Chef Lee Jun's culinary creations are deeply rooted in the rich tapestry of Korean gastronomic traditions and dining etiquette. This approach to Korean cuisine focuses less on specific ingredients or cooking techniques from a particular country and more on the "people" of Korean culture. In the Korean Gastronomy Week, he will showcases his extraordinary dishes including Deodeok Salad, Dover Sole and Doraji, Abalone and Miyeok, Duck Breast and Yakbap, Beef Sirloin and Chui Namul.

1st and 2nd December 2023| From 6.30PM - 10.30PM

7-course set menu: VND2,900,000++ per guest

Wine pairing package: VND1,600,000++ per guest


3rd to 9th December 2023 | From 6.30PM - 10.30PM

5-course set menu: VND1,900,000++ per guest

Wine pairing package: VND800,000++ per guest


Soko Nights

Soko Nights featuring guest bartender Son Soko, Bartender-owner of Soko Bar in Seoul (#46 in Asia’s 50 best bars). Son Soko is a master craftsman and excels at nailing all the classic cocktails and crafting bespoke libations to every need.

30th November and 1st December 2023
From 8.30PM – 11.00PM at Q Bar

Korean Whiskey Masterclass

Korean Whiskey Masterclass presented by Bryan Do, Founder and owner of Ki One Whiskey on 4th and 5th November. He will share the stories of Ki One (a unique and authentic spirit made in South Korea from start to finish, with mash, fermentation, distillation, and aging taking place locally) and his journey building the Three Societies Distillery and shaping Korea's first single malt.

VND349,000++ per person

4th and 5th December 2023

From 06.00PM – 07.00PM at Whisky Lounge



Namul Making Class

Namul Making Class featuring “San Namul Bibimbab” by Master Chef Choi Hyangran, Owner of “Imgumnim Ssalbabjib” and a member of Korean Royal Cuisine Institution.

VND890,000++ per person (including lunch buffet at 3 Spoons)

7th December 2023 | From 11.00AM – 01.00PM 


Kimchi Making Class

Kimchi Making Class featuring “Dry Persimmon Bossam Kimchi & Suyuk” by Master Chef Lee Sunhee.

VND890,000++ per person (including lunch buffet at 3 Spoons)

8th December 2023 | From 11.00AM – 01.00PM 

Hangwa Workshop

Hangwa Workshop featuring “Yaksik” by Master Chef Kang Hyo Sung, Owner of Korean dessert “Mi Jung Dang” and Director of the Gaesung Chanpumbyeonggwajang.

VND590,000++ per person (including an Afternoon Tea experience at The Hive Lounge)

9th December 2023 | From 02.00PM – 03.00PM 

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