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Embracing substainability and corporate social responsibility

Throughout two years of establishment, CSR always lies at the heart of what we do, with business interest going in line with giving back to the nature and the community

Teppanyaki, a popular culinary form from the Land of Rising sun, is actually the combination of a unique culinary crossed between Japan and Western culture. The fresh food is directly grilled on Teppan stainless steel pan at 100 Celcius degree. This cooking trick will retain the natural delicious taste and softer structures than the usual dish.

Teppanyaki culture follows skilled chefs to Vietnam with impressive performances and many unique dishes. One of the most popular choices for steak-lovers, Stellar Teppanyaki from Stellar Steakhouse, at the InterContinental Hanoi Landmark72 offers a variety of unique grilled dishes: from tender and juicy Japanese Kobe A4 beef, Australian Wagyu 6+ beef to Greater Omaha certified Angus hand-picked by the Teppanyaki chefs themselves. Here, you also find premium seafood with rich nutrition such as Japanese U10 scallops, or Patagonian toothfish fillet - one of the 10 best types of fish in the world.

Visit Stellar Teppanyaki and be in time for its new seasonal menu launch. What’s most special about this menu is that for the first time in Hanoi, the restaurant proudly introduces a collection of premium prawns carefully selected from all over the world to Hanoian diners. Guests can start with Special Prawn Menu, including three delicious starters from HA LONG BAY PRAWN (with mango, Cucumber & Salmon Roe Tartare), CARABINEROS PRAWN (Crunchy Head, Asparagus, Garlic Lemon Soy Butter) to LOBSTER MISO SOUP (Wakame, King Mushroom). Coming as a surprise, two main courses featuring ARGENTINE COLOSSAL BLACK TIGER SHRIMP served with assorted mushrooms, rich shell fish sauce and LANGOUSTINE GARLIC FRIED RICE with pickle Kimchee will delight your taste buds.

Teppanyaki is one of the best ways to prepare and enjoy premium seafood, to keep the most original and fresh flavor of these ingredients

The most popular ingredients of Teppanyaki are red meat, fresh seafood, vegetables and noodles. Besides the Set menu, guests at Stellar Teppanyaki can enjoy an attractive A La Carte menu with Clear Beef Consomé, or the flavorful Seared Scorch Beef – which are gently seasoned with local spices to maintain the freshness and crispy characteristic of food served right at your table. At Stellar Teppanyaki, the meat or seafood are skilful sliced and perfectly grilled so that they are perfectly cooked, still succulent without toughness.


New delicious dishes at Stellar Teppanyaki, including TAKO with Onion & Wasabi Water, Green Apple

Stellar Teppanyaki has the open kitchen with an uninterrupted view to the Hanoi’s sparkling skyline, bringing an impressive and memorable experience. In front of the Teppanyaki table, you will be taken to a culinary journey, from cutting, slicing beefs with sharp knives to the higher level of Teppanyaki’s performance with forks and flames by skilful Teppanyaki chefs – Arif Rachman and his professional team.

Growing up in an Asian country having one of the world's greatest cuisines, a cultural melting pot with vibrant culinary scenes between both East and West; and working his career across different continents, Chef Arif takes great pride and passion in serving perfectly grilled meats and seafood. With experiences for years in Maldives called the heaven of tourism and cuisine, Arif skillfully shows his ability to handle ingredients, demonstrate exceptional fire with extremely high cooking techniques that truly makes the experience appeal to all senses.

Nowhere like Stellar Teppanyaki can you see firsthand the cooking process and indulge in a real art performance. A bit of smoke, fire and endless conversation with colleagues or friends - this is the ideal atmosphere that Stellar Teppanyaki brings to you every night. What could be better than meeting friends, sipping sumptuous wine and fully relax with Japanese-style barbecue by Teppanyaki expert Arif Rachman and his talented team!

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