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Get ready for the elevated dining experience at Stellar Steakhouse this summer

A winner of the 2019 World Luxury Restaurant Award, Stellar Steakhouse has established since its opening in November 2017, as the city's most innovative steakhouse and must-try restaurant for its finesse in cuisines, spectacular services, sleek aesthetics and the sultry ambience overlooking uninterrupted night views of Hanoi.

ihg stellar steakhouse dining area

Sleek aesthetics and the sultry ambience overlooking uninterrupted night views of Hanoi

This summer, Head of Food and Beverage and Executive Chef Nicolas Plateau introduces a new a la carte menu befitting for the season and featuring a real upgrade to the “Stellar” dining experience at every touch point. Starting from the exclusive Cheese and Charcuterie atelier as the perfect start of any visit to Stellar Steakhouse, where guests can sample from an extensive selection of imported cheese and cold cuts; and definitely should not miss out on the newly stocked 40-month aged Iberico ham from Spain, thinly sliced and served with onion marmalade, olive tapenade and tangy salsa. The variety of cheeses delight any cheese lover, especially with the selection from France, from Brie De MeauxRoquefort to Beaufort and Chaource.

ihg stellar steakhouse iberico ham

Charcuterie plate with 40-month aged Iberico ham served with onion marmalade, olive tapenade and tangy salsa

The addition to the exclusive meat fridges includes the most premium cuts, from Greater Omaha, Certified Angus Beef, to Wagyu Grade 9 + from Australia and the ultimate Kobe, Grade A4 from Japan. If guests wish to opt for a larger portion to share, the team at Stellar Steakhouse definitely recommends the Grade 4 Rangers Valley Tomahawk, a Wagyu crossbred at an impressive 1.4kg; or new special treats, Meat Lover’s Board featuring 250 gr “Mulwarra” Tenderloin, 250 gr “Greater Omaha” Rib Eye and 250 gr Wagyu Striploin Grade 6; or Surf and Turf with 500gr Tenderloin Greater Omaha beef and Canadian lobster.

ihg stellar steakhouse tomahawk steak

The Grade 4 Rangers Valley Tomahawk is among the best-selling dishes

For the ultimate indulgence, do not miss out the Braised Grade 2 Wagyu Beef. Lamb and veal shanks have been popularly done before, but this enormous, meaty beef shank, dressed in red wine sauce, bacon, pearl onion, complemented with truffle mash potato, is definitely a must-try in this new menu from Stellar Steakhouse. With the help from Ms. Trang Nguyen – the Hotel Sommelier – you will find the perfect wine to complete an unforgettable dinner.

ihg stellar steakhouse meat lover

Surf and Turf with 500gr Tenderloin Greater Omaha beef and Canadian lobster

Be sure to be part of this ultimate dining experience by joining our Priority Privilege program. Card owners enjoy a 25% discount, not just at Stellar Steakhouse but at all 4 restaurants and bar of InterContinental Hanoi Landmark72.

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